Dank Shades™

Your Favorite "Strain" of Sunglasses are Finally Here!!

Dank Shades is a brand like no other in the world.  Each pair of our shades are crafted with superb quality, durability, and groundbreaking colors for all of our customers!  Every product is made with metal hinges, a strong flexible poly-carbonate diaphragm, and a themed strain design.  All of this for under $20?  Yes.

Pick out a pair of Dank Shades and watch them glow!  (Seriously!)

A themed design and style is created with each edition giving the strain LIFE!

Take a look at our catalog for upcoming Dank Shades Apparel!!


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Legendary Tommy Chong Copped his Dank Shades

"I'm cool because I'm wearing my Dank Shades and you can get your Dank Shades wherever its cool!"  😎>DANKSHADES.COM<😎

Join the crew and grab our one of a kind "Blue Dream" shades from our dope catalog now!! 

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