About Our Dope Shades..ūüėé

Dank Shades started with a simple idea.  Sunglasses..  Sunglasses have more potential than the "dull shaded" accessories seen worn out today.  These trophies are meant to be a canvas for creativity and art!  Each pair should be named and crafted like a beautiful, high-quality companion just for you to enjoy.  A couple years back I was looking around the internet yearning for sunglasses that were flashy and could show off my flamboyant personality.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be none that could strike my needs, so I set out to make my own models.  I started fiddling around in my office space designing only the most eye popping shades possible.  One thing led to another and my mind whispered two words together that slowly started a life long dream. Dank Shades was created that moment and I didn't even realize it.  Throughout that year I began building on my idea and something in my head clicked to make a business out of it.  It gradually became something that I could never even imagine.  Through many months of trial and error I brainstormed ideas for a series of designer sunglasses that incorporated a bud "strain" name and expressed style for every pair.  I can finally say that after months of patience and waiting my dream arrived at my doorstep and I couldn’t have been happier.

I now present to you Dank Shades a new stylish legacy of dope sunglasses.  We are about redefining and designing eye popping sunglasses to deliver the best product we can to our customers.  Each pair is made with top quality materials including metal hinges, all poly-carbonate lenses, frames and arms.  Our initial series are "Blue Dream", "Black Widow", and "Sweet Tooth."  I made the decision to produce one edition of sunglasses, then in the near future I would be able to create the rest of my collection and continue producing sunglasses for the public.  The decision was to produce "Blue Dream" as the first pair of sunglasses to carry on the legacy of Dank Shades.