Our Story📖

Dank Shades started with an idea.💡 Sunglasses.  Imagine if black and white were the only colors in the world.  Life would be so monotonous, dull, boring, and, lifeless.  That’s exactly what we felt about sunglasses. They were mostly available only in black. We looked everywhere for a colorful piece that would reflect a fun personality, but we found none.  Sunglasses have more potential than dull black accessories. 
It was then that we decided to launch Dank Shades. Sunglasses with beautiful colors and designs. After all, life is too short for boring sunglasses.  All our sunglasses are reasonably priced, making Dank Shades the ideal choice in sunglasses. You get great build quality sunglasses with a strong poly-carbonate frame and metal hinges that you will not find in other stores at the same price.
What are sunglasses if they do not protect you from the sun? Our sunglasses come with full UV spectrum protection, keeping your eyes safe always. So, hopefully one will stick with you. Get a pair today and step out in style! 


Besides trendy sunglasses, at Dank Shades, you can also get some of the coolest apparel in the market. Quality is our priority, something that we never compromise on. Our sunglasses and apparel are made of the highest quality material and craftsmanship. Custom made hats, socks, and graphic tees made proudly in the United States. Take a look at our catalog!